About this blog


This Berlin based blog is about music. All kinds of music – all music we love. So the blog is run by music lovers who want to support artists, labels, djs etc.

We try to include much information and entertainment as possible. So we have tracklistings, press infos, interviews to inform all the people out there about our favourite bands, releases, events etc.

But we also present videos, sound clips, full tracks, dj mixes, free downloads for our users so they don’t just get well-informed but also have fun.

Our intention is also to support the artists, labels and push their things.

The stuff on that blog is based on informations given by artists, labels, promotion agencies and other good sources. So the text “infos” is not a review – it is the original information from the label, agency etc.

Many videos used on this blog were created by the fantastic crew of the29nov films, but for sure we also embed the official videos or other nice fan videos.

All offered downloads are legal and hosted by artist, label or any other authorized entity.

Logo and background were designed by Irakli of Design Provocation. Thanks so much.

Photo below was taken by the very talented Morganistik, at ArenaClub on 28th November 2013.


You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter where you get some more stuff like video postings, short news etc.

Or email us via <blog> at <novafuture.biz>.


More about things we do and our imprint can be found on our website www.novafuture.biz.


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  1. danke Jürgen

  2. Hi there, would you be interested in doing a review of our re-imagining of Daniel Miller’s Warm Leatherette please? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTAUynHZNUQ

    We hope you like it and appreciate your time.

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