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16th October 2015: Escapism 06 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)

October 7, 2015



Escapism 06


Dates & Time:
16th October 2015 at 11:59pm


Alexey Volkov live
Black Nakhur
Manuel Münster


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
10 EUR


Press Info:
Escapism is back with a line-up of high quality techno and a new location. For the 6th edition Escapism will reside at Arena Club.

All the way from Sweden we welcome Northern Electronic’s Acronym. He has been making a name for himself for quite some time already. With strong releases on Semantica and Field Records and his stunning “June”-album on Northern Electronics under his belt, we most certainly are in for a treat.

Alexey Volkov is Terence Fixmer’s protégé and has released a couple of 12”s on his Planete Rogue-imprint, before he caught Svreca’s attention which eventually led to contributing a remix for the „Hagagatan Remixed“ EP. He has just released a well-received EP on Jealous God. Alexey will perform his first ever live-set in Germany at Escapism.

Hailing from Leipzig, Black Nakhur is one of the people behind Pneuma-Dor. Pneuma-Dor combines a label, booking agency and a party promotion. His sets are driven by a strong momentum and he has already proved himself in the Berlin scene, having played most notably at Dystopian and Berghain.

Closing the night as always will be Manuel Münster. With 6 years of experience and countless DJ-gigs in the city’s various clubs, Manuel specializes in driving, yet deep and emotional techno and has proved a knack for extended DJ-Sets.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Teaser Mix By Manuel Münster:


Acronym – “Electronic Explorations – 382”

Alexey Volkov – “Smoke Machine Podcast 056”

Black Nakhur – “Nachtschatten”

Manuel Münster – “Dur Podcast 009”


Alexey Volkov’s EP “Dust” on Planete Rouge


Arena Club


11th October 2015: Polarity Shift presents … @ Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin (Germany)

October 6, 2015

Polarity Shift presents c/c women in electronic music


Dates & Time:
11th October 2015 at 5:00pm


Désirée J. Vach Talk
Jessica Ekomane Talk
Peter Kirn Talk
Anja Zaube DJ
Martha DJ
resom DJ
Toxido Mask DJ


Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
POLARITY SHIFT | c/c women in electronic music is the sequel of ‘The survival of electronic music scene’, an event approaching the historical relevance of Berlin’s electronic music scene by inviting Szilvia Lednitzky [Lower Order Ethics/LittleBig Music] and Martin Maischein, sound engineer at the infamous Berghain, amongst others, to participate in a panel discussion in order to gain a deeper understanding of past and current opportunities and challenges in the “capital of techno”.

With POLARITY SHIFT we want to focus upon a specific aspect of the electronic music scene: the female artists’ situation. Although being perceived as diverse and open-minded, the electronic music scene has to struggle with gender-related preconceptions that stigmatise an entire subculture as male-dominated.

We want to establish a platform to address concerns regarding the underrepresentation of women in the electronic music scene and raise awareness of an issue that has been dealt with in many cases, yet, none of which has brought forth any substantial changes. But instead of simply pointing out the fact that women apparently have been outnumbered by men in the field of electronic music we’d rather go a step further, converting the issue into a source of creativity by inviting different participants of the scene to be part of another panel to discuss their approaches on dealing with the challenging situation.

Following the panel discussion, there will be an all-female takeover of the decks, shifting the audience’s attention to what it’s all about: electronic music. We are proud to present some of the finest female artists Berlin‘s electronic music scene has to offer!

POLARITY SHIFT is kindly supported by Hochschule Macromedia Berlin | Ableton | VUT | Mint Berlin

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Anja Zaube – “45 Minutes of Techno”

Martha – “Berliner Bass Geschichten #3”

resom – “Am Deck 12”

Toxido Mask – “S02 CO13”


Anja Zaube’s “Sylvan Structure EP” on HET Records


Polarity Shift
Kantine Am Berghain


10th October 2015: Staub 024 @ :// about blank, Berlin (Germany)

September 24, 2015



[Staub 024] by Dust


Date & Time:
10th October 2015 at noon


a secret that will be a secret until … the party ends


://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Info (German):
Samstag, Techno, Staub

Eine Party bei Lineups der Vergangenheit angehören und Techno den Geräten überlassen wird um eine musikalische Reise zu erzählen.

Eine Party bei der das Publikum sich den überraschenden Moment der Ungewissheit hingibt, nur getragen von ausgesuchten Künstlern und Newcomern.

Veranstaltung @ Facebook
Veranstaltung @ Resident Advisor


Info (English):
Line-up? Dust from yesterday.

It remains exciting: Saturday / Techno / Staub

A party where lineups are a thing of the past and techno is left to its devices narrating a musical journey.

A party where the audience gives in to the surprise of uncertainty, carried by carefully selected artists and newcomers.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


someone – “Recorded at Staub 15”

someone else – “Recorded at Staub 16”

someone else else – “Recorded at Staub 17”

someone else else else – “Recorded at Staub 18”

someone else else else else – “Recorded at Staub 20”

someone else else else else else – “Recorded at Staub 21”

Eliott Litrowski – “Recorded at Staub 22”

someone else else else else else else – “Recorded at Staub 23”



Video created by Kevin Paschold.


://about blank


15th October 2015: Turn Around Bright Eyes @ Berghain, Berlin (Germany)

September 18, 2015

Turn Around Bright Eyes


Turn Around Bright Eyes


Date & Time:
15th October 2015 at 7:00pm


Peter Kirn
Actually Huizenga
Boris Eldagsen
Jamie Harley
Kritzkom + Electrosexual
Lisa Wassmann
Local Suicide
Marianne Jacquet
Martin Müller
Natacha Mankowski
Phntm Beach
Valquire Veljkovic.


Berghain, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Not unlike Bonnie Tyler in the iconic Total Eclipse of the Heart video, enter Berlin’s impenetrable boys boarding school of techno and life, watch the spectacle of digital art and live music, experience light and darkness, come out a different person with an acute sense for rampant beauty and the uncanny.

After the success of our exhibitions Twist in my Sobriety at Kaufhaus Jandorf in October 2013 and Open House at Konzulát for Art Week 2014, Your Mom’s invite you for an exclusive audiovisual artistic show in one of the world’s best and most mysterious clubs for a highly memorable experience.

“Once upon a time there was light in my life, But now there’s only love in the dark, Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart.”

Los Angeles alternative darling ACTUALLY HUIZENGA’s “video and music, in case you’re unfamiliar, are of the catchy, dance-y, futuristic variety, and are peppered heavily with boner-inducing lyrics […] and beautiful scratchy dance-pop sounds like a tape smuggled back from the future.” (Vice) Her paradoxical video SR will reveal the dark aspect of Actually’s work, as well as its lighter pop side, both reminiscent of Hollywood lifestyle stereotypes.

Award-winning and internationally exhibited, BORIS ELDAGSEN’s work revolves around the idea of losing oneself, from the metaphysical to the erotic. Eldagsen hijacks and transforms the external reality to paint an inner room beyond space and time – that of the unconscious. Inaccessible to the rational mind, his photomedia works POEMS compel the iewer to turn to their own memories and feelings.

Berlin-based Israeli multidisciplinary artist DORIT BIALER uses the language of taxonomy and infographics to break down emotions and abstract situations. At first, she seduces the viewers with colourful and playful shapes, then reveals a disturbing reality. The BERLINER IN A BOX series deals with social clichés and stereotypes by exaggerating them and confronting the viewer using sarcasm and humour.

HYENAZ are electronic musicians and Butoh-inspired transgressors. Their upcoming album CRITICAL MAGIC uses techno-shamanic ritual and found sounds to transform contemporary states of domination into sites of interpersonal transformation. Wrapped in elaborate “werehyena” regalia, Hyenaz stalk stages across Europe, Asia and North America with performances oscillating between the hefty ideas of eternity and annihilation.

JAMIE HARLEY is a Paris and Bangkok-based VIDEO artist, a “cult filmmaker,” according to Dazed & Confused. His recycling of found footage mixed with original material confronts the viewers with the meaning of reality. Harley has released more than 200 videos over the last few years – and under several pseudonyms – for artists such as Koudlam, How To Dress Well, Clams Casino and Twin Shadow, among others.

French electronic composer KOUDLAM’s 50% CHAOS 50% SYMPHONY is a solo live performance embezzling R&B, trance and gabber techno to build the avant-pop dandy’s own icy musical monolith. For over six years, his exotic electronic music has seduced the younger, intellectual or even fashion-obsessed crowds, as well as critics, and has united the corporeal and metaphysical in clubs and festivals across Europe.

KRITZKOM & ROMAIN FREQUENCY (also known as Electrosexual) are both Berlin based French solo DJ/producers who like to explore dark atmospheres, light melodies and the diverse aspects of techno. They have teamed up with Basslet to create a SOUND INSTALLATION that combines nature field recordings and raw machine beats with a customised wearable, in order to trigger different stimuli in the body and mind of each subject through sound and vibration. | Romain Frequency at

LISA WASSMANN’s work runs the gamut from contemporary portraiture and documentary PHOTOGRAPHY with a subtle mystical flair to psychedelic collaged images and videos for fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Neon, Pitchfork, and Vice. Music creates its own world, where time is meaningless and a club can become a spaceship; this is how Lisa selected club photos that look from far away in space and time, as do the artists who created these moments.

MARIANNE JACQUET is a creative activist. Her cross-media pieces create a playful dialogue between ethology and conceptual art, where reality opposes genuine experiences. The sound installation ESC 3.0 is a primitive net art reflection on communication systems, where a circuit of logs reveals the hidden signal of the architecture and people’s movements, while Meeblip transforms the ghost signal of the logs into music.

MARTIN MÜLLER is as an award-winning illustrator and designer in Berlin. He is known for emotionally-loaded illustration posters and magazine works. In his modern “paintings” he uses cello tape as his main medium. This large-scale light box FIST OF LOVE offers the viewer a range of storylines, originating from the title, the meticulous, raw textures, the iconic gesture of the depicted object, and its trophy-like presence in Berghain.

NATACHA MANKOWSKI is an award-winning French architect and artist. She aims to blur the traditional representation of space by considering virtual and real space in terms of technology and experience. She teamed up with Bleech, Onformative and MARTIN EDER to develop an ”archaeology of the virtual” using 3D modelling, photomontage, graphic animations and augmented reality in two distinct VIDEO experiences. |

PEACHES’ 2000 debut The Teaches of Peaches catapulted her into the spotlight for years to come; Fuck The Pain Away is still the soundtrack of Generation X. She’s since collaborated with Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, Yoko Ono and many more. What Else Is In The Teaches Of Peaches – a collection of pictures over the years – is already a best seller, and now, Peaches is presenting her own VIDEO interpretation of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Technologist and musician PETER KIRN is the founder/editor of CDM. His LIVE PERFORMANCE is a burst of rhythmic, colourful synesthesia, using custom software of his own creation. Image and sound are manipulated simultaneously in a fused interface, providing for live improvisation in both media, where Kirn’s work balances delicate moments informed by his classical piano background with raw digital textures and techno crescendos.

The collective PHNTM BEACH work with a variety of media, while concentrating on the longing for a Dionysian tropical night. For the last few years, Phntm Beach have tried to influence the growth process of the FRUCTUS EXOTICUS with sound, wherein a constant exposure to a sine tone of 33 1/3 Hz, created by Heavy Listening, resulted in excessive growth of the fruit. The experiment was video-documented and ratified by experts.

VALQUIRE VELJKOVIC is a Berlin-based artist. His body of work includes a variety of photography, music and fashion VIDEO, media art performance, as well as installations and music for his own and other artists’ projects such as Tata Christiane or IAMX. Valquire’s art is his simple and heavily adorned statement, with a recurrent aesthetic of mirrored patterns and a certain dark brightness, this time using video techniques from vvvv.

Berlin-based BASSLET specializes in wearable bracelets that synch with your music via headphones, to produce a tactile bass sensation that will revolutionize the way that we experience music.

BLEECH is a web developer start-up in Berlin with an acute eye for presentation and personalization. Their passionate attention to detail attracts corporate clients such as Volkswagen but also international artists and creatives.

The minds behind Berlin’s FLAG have developed an app that functions as a QR code for art and design. Whenever a user is curious about the objects in any Flagged space, they can simply launch the app and all of the information is at their fingertips.

HEAVY LISTENING was founded in 2011 by two Berlin-based musicians, Carl Schilde and Anselm Venezian Nehls. With a focus on sound as an artistic concept, they – along with a number of other contributors – create and curate award-winning sonic experiences.

MEEBLIP is a Berlin-based start-up that produces a line of compact synthesizers. Because they are all made with open source hardware, each synth is fully customizable and easily tailored to each musician’s tastes and desires.

Berlin-based studio ONFORMATIVE specializes in generative design, making use of many different media platforms to produce visually creative and innovative design solutions.

Developed in Berlin, VVVV is an open-source live-programming software. It combines visual and textual programming to produce an environment that is both efficient and ergonomic.

Event @ Resident Advisor
Event @ Facebook


Bonnie Tyler:


Tape.TV Special:
click here


Local Suicide – “Drunk Jet Setting”

Peter Kirn – “YMA’s October podcast special #TurnAroundBerghain”

more soon


Romain Frequency And Kritzkom – “Sound & Video Installation”

more soon


KOUDLAM – “See You All”



Turn Around Bright Eyes
Your Mom’s Agency


[Dates]: some dates for Daniel Miller djing

May 20, 2011

Daniel Miller (DJing)
>>> founder of Mute Records <<<


we moved this section to Pages …


Highly recommended: MusicTours Berlin

July 14, 2010

Fritz MusicTours Berlin


regular bus tour, walking tour or visit of the Hansa Studio in Berlin


This guy offers several ways to discover music within Berlin. So he takes you on ride with a bus through Berlin’s Rock and Pop Music History. Or he visits the famous Hansa Studio with you and tells you interesting and funny stories about Depeche Mode, David Bowie nd other artists during their recording sessions at Hansa Studio Berlin. Or finally you can do a musical walk through Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte districts inlcuding the visit of the Ramones Museum.

All tours are interesting and guided by a very nice guy. We can highly recommend it – we have attended it several times!!!






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