out now: Barker & Baumecker – A Murder Of Crows [Ostgut Ton]

Barker & Baumecker

A Murder Of Crows

Ostgut Ton

O-TON 54

Release Date:
26th March 2012

12″ & digital

A Murder Of Crows (Part 1)

A Murder Of Crows (Part 2)

Andreas Baumecker (nd_baumecker) and Sam Barker (Voltek) deliver on their second 12″ for Ostgut Ton. Following their debut release (o-ton 40) at the end of 2010 they spent 2011 partly on the road playing live at Europe’s finest festivals and clubs and partly locked in the studio preparing their debut LP, at their recent Boiler Room live set they showed everyone just how much equipment is involved in creating their sound. Andreas and Sam just love analogue machines and log a whole industry of gear with them whenever they play live. This 12″ promises exciting stuff for their album scheduled for release later this year.

Barker & Baumecker showed their programming skills and sense of history and future in their music already on their last 12″, the broken beats and twists on ‘Candyflip’ made it hard to categorize as it bridged many styles inside one epic song, this time they make a clear statement: ‘A Murder Of Crows (Part 1)’ is produced to burn the floor. The dark techno, deep moods and killer breaks lend themselves
perfectly to feed the dance hungry crowds and the far away siren takes care of the shivers down your spine, with this track they manage to perfectly combine technical expertise in sound design with dancefloor sensitivity.

The B-side ‘A Murder Of Crows (Part 2)’ takes the same rhythm track, removes the pumping bass of the A-side and shifts into a not so obvious, almost tripping groove. The key element is a sweet but dark melody that is totally absent on the A-side and tiny stabs of Acid just to give it a hint of old school. The really interesting thing in both productions is Barker & Baumecker’s attention to the smallest details, there are so many minute changes in the programming throughout, that there is real evolution and constant surprise within each track that just keeps you wanting more.


Juno (vinyl)
deejay.de (vinyl)
Zero-Inch (digital)
JunoDownload (digital)
more soon

Barker & Baumecker
Ostgut Ton

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