[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Contest with Pylon Records – Win the CD “Basic Pain Procedure” by Nitzer Ebb

May 31, 2013

NovaFuture Blog is very proud to present you again something very special … we give away the upcoming CD edition of “Basic Pain Procedure” (details see “Related Release”), sponsored by Pylon Records.

You just have to send the answer for the following question plus your details (name, address etc) to blog -at- novafuture -dot- biz (deadline: 16th June) … The winner will be selected by random (for sure she/he has to send the right answer).

Question: What’s the name of the project Douglas McCarthy runs with a techno producer?

Note: the data of the winner (like name, address, email etc) will be sent over to Pylon Records, so they can send the prize to the winner.

Update: thanks everyone. It is closed now. We selected the winner and sent her/him an email.


Related Release:
“Basic Pain Procedure”


Nitzer Ebb
Pylon Records


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