[Mixtape]: Snuffo – NovaFuture Blog Mixtape November 2014




Snuffo is a producer, live act and one half of Snuff Crew- He runs the labels Snuff Trax and In The Dark Again.

Together with Alienata he releases unter the name Kat Channel As Cellarkalt he creates experimental soundscapes. Live performances with this project will happen very soon too.

He says about this mixtape: “I think this mixtape is the perfect stuff for November. Many years ago I exchanged a cassette tape filled with melancholic electronic music with one of my best friends each November. We called it ‘November Nights Music’ – this mixtape is some kind of continuation of these tapes.”


sorry no tracklist available … find out which tracks are used by yourself 😉


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mixtape November 2014



01 Donato Dozzy – Il Canto Della Maga
02 Fred Bigot – The Last Wav
03 Klara Lewis – Msuic 4
04 Alexander Hacke – Florida („The Cut“-Soundtrack)
05 Schneider TM – Landslide
06 Conrad Schnitzer – Gelb (Ohne Titel 07)
07 Steve Moore – Forgotten Ancestors
08 Function & Vatican Shadow – Things Unknown
09 Merzouga – Harbour
10 Moebius Neumeier Engler – Watzmann
11 Asmus Tierchens – Erloschene Herzen
12 Sigha – Aokigahara

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