[Mix]: Repressed Mind – Modul Podcast 008


Repressed Mind


Repressed Mind just joined the crew of Modul Records. Here is his podcast mix.


Listen & Download:
“Modul Podcast 008”


01. Ryan James Ford- Arthure Iccon
02. Plattform – Kiruna (Rraph Remix)
03. Diarmaid O Meara & Daniel Munkelberg- Extra Fine (Rraph Remix)
04. Michel Lauriola- Sequences Life
05. Shekon – Badtrip
06. Adv 709- Pl-ktr
07. Adv 709- Collective Sream
08. Rraph – Synchrony
09. Aiken – Third Balance
10. Annie Hall- Overlook (Aiken Remix)
11. Dorian Grey- Nytophilia (Rraph Remix)
12. JC Laurent- Warfare (Rraph Remix)
13. Kwarz- Sleepless
14. Bas Mooy – Son of Sins
15. Flug- Knee (Farceb Remix)
16. Michael Lauriola- SNRA
17. Rraph- Njord NX1- DR (Aiken Remix)


compilation MOD010 w/ Repressed Mind track


Repressed Mind


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