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[Mix]: Deepbass – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2017

March 15, 2017



Whether doused in the grit of his hometown Glasgow, or expanded by the widescreen vistas of his current base, Barcelona, the music of Darren Roberts has asserted it´s uniqueness within his preferred form of expression, rolling and tunneling techno, strong on propulsion and atmosphere. Naming the project Deepbass was a strong statement of intent and commitment to a sound of his own, from the start. That he has in fact established it and remains on a path of constant perfection of it, is indicative of Darren´s personality and talent.

This consistent path has seen Deepbass put out records on labels such as Edit Select Records, Aconito Records, Dynamic Reflection and Soma, all the while enjoying a steady rise in recognition both with audience and peers. Along the way, he found in Italian producer Andrea Deplano, most widely known as Ness, a perfect foil for his vision of techno, with both collaborating on releases which displayed uncanny compatibility in sound between them. This commitment to the deeper, hypnotic side of techno is further proved by his own label, Informa Records, where releases by names like Reggy Van Oers, nAX_Acid, Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, Ness, NX1, Hironori Takahashi are constant highlights for those who crave expansive and engrossing soundscapes.

What stands out from his production and performances is that Deepbass creates something identifiably his own, but refuses to ever be limited by it or to get comfortable repeating just one thing. Instead, he takes what´s already his own and streamlines it, sharpens it and nuances it. The origin and destination might be constant, but the path it takes and how the journey feels is ever-changing.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2017


01. Zann – Faro
02. Nuel – Luna
03. Alfredo Mazzilli – Vanir
04. Dino Sabatini & Luigi Tozzi – Celeno
05. Kangding Rey – Outremer
06. Artefakt – Fernweh
07. Deepbass – Returned
08. Kas:st – Noumene
09. Architectural – Hidden
10. Deepbass & Ness – Unconscious
11. Tensal – Development 2
12. Abstract Division – Divergent
13. Ness – Semblance
14. Ritsaert – Parallel Planet
15. Vladw – 012324.92
16. Monovsn – Particles (Pulse One Remix)


album “Campello” on Informa Records
EP “Alto” on Lanthan.Audio
EP “Second Stage” on Soma




[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Konkret plays Semantica

March 9, 2017



About the concept:
Here is the seventh instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Here we have Konkret who mixed some Semantica stuff.


About Konkret:
Konkret is the alias of Berlin based DJ, Oliver Raunjak.

With moving in the German capital from Austria 4 years ago, he passionately started playing on vinyl, collected from the surrounded record shops of his neighborhood who helped to shape his sound.

Influenced by a nostalgia for old school techno, his DJ sets are described as futuristic and energetic, switching from sinister atmospheres to celestial landscapes.


About Semantica:
Techno/IDM label owned by Svreca


Listen & Download:
“Konkret plays Semantica” (download soon)


Konkret About His Choice:
Semantica has always been there, at the beginning and now. It’s a kind of partner which is travelling with me since I started getting deeper in this kind of sound.

The 5 Years Compilation Part 5, released in 2011 with collaborations between Karl O’Connor, Peter Sutton and Richard Harvey for example, was one of the first records I bought – huge inspiration.

I’m a huge fan of drones and jams which appear a lot in the releases on the label, for example Acronym, IORI or Varg, just to name a few.

With this style of sound, I somehow can reach a mesmerizing state of mind, it feels incredibly personal and helps me to shape my creativity.

Shouts to Svreca and the artists for creating such an authentic label.


01. Skirt – Angracia
02. Xhin – Curtain Cloud
03. Acronym – The Sending
04. Von Grall – Yölsk
05. Wata Igarashi – Death Orange
06. Marco Shuttle – Solar Storm
07. Acronym – Mimers Brunn
08. Acronym – They Spoke to Me
09. IORI – Maya
10. Evigt Mörker – Magdalene Spell
11. Evigt Mörker – Apostat
12. IORI – Helix
13. Material Object – Shimmer II
14. Sstrom – Motorn
15. Etapp Kyle – Paradigm
16. Varg – No Knowledge of Sorrow And Regret




[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Lars Huismann plays PoleGroup

March 2, 2017

Lars Huismann


About the concept:
Here is the seventh instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Here we have Lars Huismann with a mix of PoleGroup tracks.


About Lars Huismann:
Lars was born in Berlin in 1987. His Career as a musician began very early. At 11 years young he started drumming in different bands. After a few years he founded his own bands, playing different styles from jazz, fusion and all the way to progressive metal. His orientation on complex drum grooves makes up his foundation, while still being able to keep an open mind in regards to different styles and the ability to put them together to create a new form of art.

At the age of 18 he discovered producing with software. Using these programs he was able to transfer his patterns and sequences from the drum set onto a drum computer. He has always had a natural yearning to tweek his recordings and productions, and shape them into unrecognisable elements of sound.

However, there was always a strong connection to more heavyweight electronic music. He discovered how great it is to listen and produce techno that basically wants to devour you from the inside out, vibrating your body with massive bass and some nasty hypnotic tribal rhythms.

In January 2015 he founded his own label, LHR, with the focus on deeply rooted warehouse techno. LHR001 started with a full length EP and release party in Tresor Berlin. Four beautifully cut tracks that takes you on a journey through different areas of techno. It is an obsession in hard drilling percussion, banging synth-elements, and drums that roll together to create a more complex groove-pattern. Lars will have plenty Releases for 2017, on Labels like ARTS, Animal Farm Records, Coicendence Records, etc.


About PoleGroup:
This year PoleGroup turn 5 years, a milestone which will be celebrated with a special limited box, anniversary edition, and several exclusive showcases.

The label, originally launched by Oscar Mulero in 2004 as Pole Recordings, was relaunched as a platform in 2010, including both the label & agency. For this new platform, Oscar Mulero, Exium, Reeko and Christian Wünsch decided to join forces to create this axis, made of a record label and booking agency to represent and expand worldwide the most advanced sounds of the peninsula.

During this five years of existence, more people have joined the group like Kwartz, Lewis Fautzi and Tripeo, as well as side projects from our original artists, making our flag international with quality as a standard.

Currently the label counts with 35 releases, including 4 full studio albums and a mix CD project only consisting of unreleased tracks.

To celebrate this 5 years milestone of the label & agency, the Spanish collective announces a special limited edition box which includes 5 vinyls of original tracks, remakes and remixes, carefully curated by the core members of PoleGroup Records. Besides that special art work will be included, slip mats and merchandise.

The artists that appear on the vinyls with originals releases, remakes or remixes are Architectural, Christian Wunsch, Tripeo, Developer, Exium, Jonas Kopp, Reeko, Kessell, Kwartz, Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero, P.E.A.R.L., Perc, Reeko, Spora and Tensal .

Besides the 5YRS set box, this milestone will be celebrated with some very exclusive showcases in different european capital cities. Starting on august 29th in an iconic place for us as is Florida 135. More infos about this very soon .

(text taken from PoleGroup Blog)


Listen & Download:
“Lars Huismann plays Polegroup” (download soon)


Lars Huismann About His Choice:
Polegroup had a strong impact for my DJ-Sets. All tracks give a perfect atmospheric frame. They have a big choice of pure functional tracks focused on the groove such as Reeko;.But also alot of melodic / atmospheric tracks such as Exium and Oisel with alot of trippy synth-elements. Normally I play more stronger Dj-Sets, but i really appreciate to mix more minimal tracks. Less kickdrum, more bassline and focused on the synth/percussion.

The production-skills from all Polegroup-Artist is top notch. The label allways had a “modern”-techno Sound for me; even the old releases. As I discovered the Label years ago, it was completly different compare to the classic Detroit Techno sound.


01. Oscar Mulero – Cave (TommyFourSeven Remix)
02. Ruptur3 – 1987
03. Christian Wünsch – Micro Anisms
04. Error Etica – TV Treated
05. Kwartz – Form And Void (Reeko Remix)
06. P.E.A.R.L. – Memoria (Oscar Mulero Remix)
07. Pfirter – Earth Rising
08. Christian Wünsch – Ionized
09. Exium – Nucleoid (Jonas_Kopp Remix)
10. Pulse One – Estrangements
11. YYYY – Sudden Burst Of Thought
12. Oisel – Radiazione
13. Reeko – 6 Sievert
14. Ben_Gibson- Devine Process
15. Developer – 1975 B
16. Francois X – Crisp
17. Unbalance – Rejected
18. Reeko- Empirical Science
19. Michel Lauriola – Transparent Eyes
20. Alderaan – Parallel Mind
21. Exium – Dronid (Tripeo Remix)


Lars Huismann


[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Svar plays Sandwell District

February 21, 2017



About the concept:
Here is the seventh instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. This time we have Svar with a mix of Sandwell District tracks.


About Svar:
It took some time but he got there: Growing up in the south of Germany in the small city of Ingolstadt and a couple of years in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Svar never had a special interest for music. It never really went beyond scratching the surface. But then as a teenager he finally discovered techno. He was immediately hooked! And so it began: He started to dig deeper and deeper and soon he knew he had to play himself, so he got 2 turntables and started mixing. Fast forward a couple of years: Now residing in Munich he has defined his sound: uncompromising, raw and gritty but also very atmospheric. When playing he tries to set a specific, mostly gloomy mood while at the same time being diverse in his style. He now holds a residency at the FRZMR event series at City Club Augsburg and regularly plays in Munichs best techno clubs.


About Sandwell District:
Sandwell District was a record label and multinational collective of techno DJs and producers that operated between 2002 and 2011. Their sound has been highly influential across the following generation of techno musicians, and has informed a major shift in world techno.[2] By the time the collective announced its “glorious death” in 2012 the American Billboard magazine could write that “Sandwell District’s influence on underground techno can hardly be overstated.”

Sandwell District was established as a record label in 2002 by Regis (Karl O’Connor) and Female (Peter Sutton) as an extension of their Downwards Records label, which had been instrumental in shaping techno’s Birmingham sound in the early 1990s.[5] The label was revived in 2004 and from 2005 increasingly incorporated the artistic input of the New York City-based Function (David Sumner) and the Los Angeles-based Silent Servant (Juan Mendez). Initially releasing records under their own identities, as the label’s success grew, it came to be seen increasingly as a collective entity, releasing tracks and albums anonymously partly in revolt against the increasingly celebrity-oriented DJ culture of the time, culminating in its 2010 collective album Feed Forward

(text taken from wikipedia)


Listen & Download:
“Svar plays Sandwell District” (download soon)


Svar About His Choice:
The decision which label to pick was a no brainer for me, Sandwell District being my absolute favorite techno label. I’m not even sure what fascinates me the most about it: the sound itself, the artworks or the concept as a whole. I guess it’s the complete package, everything about it feels consistent to me. I can say that it definitely influenced me like no other label around: the sound is gritty, raw and noisy but at the same time atmospheric, moody and sometimes very trippy. With this mix I tried to encapsulate all these aspects and to be as diverse as possible while still trying to sound somewhat homogeneous. I wanted to give a glimpse of what makes this label stand out for me. Some tracks that I mixed in there are among my all time favorites, others I don’t even play that often. Have fun listening!


01. Female – (Live Extract)
02. Silent Servant – Untitled (Regis Edit)
03. CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – Scale 2
04. Silent Servant – The Self
05. N/A – Untitled (C/H Signal Edit)
06. Sandwell District – Immolare (Silent Servant Version)
07. Sandwell District – Hunting Lodge
08. Vandross – Hurt Me, I’m Waiting (Female Mix)
09. Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine
10. Sandwell District – Immolare
11. Female – Avon 1 (James Ruskin Remix)
12. Kalon – Man Is The Superior Animal
13. Silent Servant – Discipline
14. Function – Variance IV (Regis Edit)
15. Function – Untitled
16. Silent Servant – Untitled
17. Silent Servant – Murder Murder
18. Sandwell District – Grey Cut Out (Version)
19. Silent Servant – Demonstration


Sandwell District @


[Special]: CEO Of NovaFuture – Depeche Mode & Their Remixers (Part I)

February 20, 2017

© Original Photo by Dina Brudi-Pascal, Modified By Photographic NovaFuture

CEO Of NovaFuture


On the 2nd February 2017 NovaFuture (Blog) curated an event at Griessmühle where remixes for Depeche Mode and original tracks by their creators were played. This is the first part of a reconstruction.The pictures used for the slideshow were also shown on a wall at the event.


Related event:
“Donnerstagsbar: NoHope x NovaFuture – Depeche Mode & their Remixers”


Listen & Watch:


01. Depeche Mode – Slowblow (Darren Price Remix)
02. Darren Price – Airspace
03. Depeche Mode – Freelove (Schlammpeitziger “Little Rocking … Version”)
04. Schlammpeitziger – Mango Und Papaja Auf Tobago
05. Depeche Mode – Puppets (Röyksopp Remix)
06. Röyksopp – Eple
07. Depeche Mode – Photographic (Rex The Dog Faithful Mix)
08. Rex The Dog – Prototype
09. Depeche Mode – Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke Remix)
10. VCMG – Spock
11. Depeche Mode – Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Remix)
12. CJ Bolland – The Tower Of Naphtali


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Depeche Mode