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out soon: Barrel – Breath Of Tokyo EP [Paradoxal Records]

February 24, 2017



Breath Of Tokyo EP


Paradoxal Records




Release Date:
19th March 2017





Breath Of Tokyo

Blue Case


Press Info:
About Barrel
Around 2009, Barrel bought his first DJ program and teached the mixing himself. A short time later the first vinyls followed. Starting with Minimal to Deep Techno, he has found his very big love – “Techno”.

With his friend Visum he started the project Barrum and brought out titles like ‘ADSA’ and ‘La Superficie’ on the label MODUL.

In the past he had some gigs, but only through his joining at MODUL in the beginning of 2015, he got the opportunity to play gigs in Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland, for his international experience.

Also he could gain some festival experience at the Feel Festival and for sure he played in his hometown Berlin in clubs like the Humboldthain,the ARENA Club, in the Magdalena and intheTresor.

In 2016 he began producing his own tracks. In this time he recorded also podcasts for’Incubation’, ‘Culturalis’ and ‘TechnoihrFotzen’.

His first Solo track ‘Arystocat’ has been released at the compilation MOD010 on MODUL which came in the mid of July’16.

His sound is inspired by the harder, percussive styles of the late 90’s techno with some Acid and Trance influences.

And now, his first EP ‘Breathe of Tokyo’ will be out soon on the label ParadoxalRecords.

About Paradoxal Records
Created in 2014, Paradoxal Records is the product of a meeting between Candeed and Joon Feulster. DJ and producers, they wanted to gather various artists with good vibes, minimalist and underground inspiration with creativity into the same project. In 2016 One Ear reaches the management team.

About Breath Of Tokyo EP
Simon Hauert aka Barrel, young talented german artist has signed a deep and absolutely rich EP on Paradoxal Records. Dark but accessibly musical atmosphere, dissonant tones but still perfectly pleasant to listen to, simple though effective basslines, synthetizers echoing as in a street by night, typical sound of an elaborated and controlled inspiration, all those characteristics define as well Breath Of Tokyo EP as the common artistic signature for all the artists gathered within the label.




“Culturalis Podcast 052”


compilation “MOD010” w/ Barrel track on Modul.
“Kraft EP” by Barrel’s companion track Visum on Monocline


Buy Digital:


Paradoxal Records


03rd March 2017: Freitag Nacht @ Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)

February 23, 2017



Date & Time:
03rd March 2017 at 11:59pm


Ness live
Nihad Tule
Boyd Schidt
Głós live
Delta Funktionen
Elad Magdasi
Vincenzo Maurice live


Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Ness – “Reclaim Your City Podcast 093”

Nihad Tule – “@ BASSIANI, Tbilisi, January 6th 2016”

Boyd Schidt – “Invite’s Choice Podcast 424”

Głós – “rauh_x 015”

Delta Funktionen – “Discogs Mix 003”

Elad Magdasi – “FLR Party – 2 Hour Set”

Vincenzo Maurice – “Mushi-Shi Radio”

Daito – “The Poeticast – Episode 148”


Głós – “Prayer”

Vincenzo Maurice – “Am I dead? ”

Delta Funktionen – “Work”

Elad Magdasi – “Hell Strike”

Daito – “Breach”

Elad Magdasi – “No Ego”

Głós – “Protector”

Daito – “Gamble”

Delta Funktionen – Nebula

Vincenzo Maurice – “Appearance”


split EP “Front Left Records 02” by Elad Magdasi & Daito on Front Left Records
EP “Filling The Night With Scars” by Głós on Ravage
EP “Prayers” by Głós on Escapism
EP “Finger Trip” by Elad Magdasi on Front Left Records
EP “Filling The Scars With Light” by Głós on Intimate Silence


Parabel for Nihad Tule
Pakt Booking for Ness
Ravage for Głós
Octopus Agents for Delta Funktionen




22nd February 2017: New Faces @ Tresor, Berlin (Germany)

February 21, 2017

Tresor: New Faces


Date & Time:
22nd February 2017 at 11:59pm


Non Reversible


Tresor, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Bhrisc is a Manchester based Techno producer & DJ. “Bhrisc’s production is cold but emotional; a thudding and fragile detachment from reality”. (Phill Young, Tru Luv Blog). Bhrisc is also a resident at Coded Rhythm, a brand new night hitting the club scene in Manchester. Non Reversible is a home grown DJ/producer from Berlin. The allure of the vinyl and underground club culture of Berlin sparked a keen interest in electronic music production. His creative journey led to a close relationship with Jerome Sydenham and Apotek Records. On this imprint, Non Reversible has honed in his skills for producing a specific and very special brand of deep hypnotic Techno. As Non Reversible spreads his creative wings , expect nothing less than powerful unapologetic Techno. Swiss artist nh is co-founder together with Baptiste P. of Divergent Recordings is an independent record label founded in 2014. Carrying a deep, dark and driving techno sound with additional experimental imprints on top, nh and Divergent Recordings also keep busy with the organisation of underground techno events – mainly rave parties in exceptional locations – with also external artists figuring in the line-ups.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Bhrisc – “ARCHIVE : Techno Mix”

Non Reversible – “Knotweed Podcast 10”

nh – “Mix III”


Non Reversible’s “Convergent Boundary EP” on Knotweed Records
Non Reversible’ “Cyto EP” on Monark Recordings
split EP “Restless” w/ Non Reversible tracks on Apotek




25th February 2017: .defaultbox Nacht #01 @ Bertrams, Berlin (Germany)

February 21, 2017

.defaultbox Nacht


.defaultbox Nacht #01


Date & Time:
25th February 2017 at 11:59pm


Patrick Brosin


Bertrams, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info (German Only):
Krenzlin wäre nicht Krenzlin, wenn er nicht wüsste, wie man ein Ruder in Sachen Techno übernimmt. Ehemaliger Tresor-Resident und nun Mitglied der Driving-Force Crew, weiß er genau was zu tun ist, um den Dancefloor zum beben zu bringen.

Weiter geht es mit 88UW, auch bekannt als v_3.378. Rückblickend auf zahlreiche Releases wie z.B. auf dem 1994 gegründeten New Yorker Label Synewave, ist er mit seinem schroffen Acid-Sound bereits mehrere Jahre in den Berliner Clubs unterwegs und wird uns auch an diesem Abend ordentlich nach vorne bringen.

Eröffnen wird uns den Abend Vinyl-Liebhaber aem.aze. Der ehemalige Kombinat 2 Resident ist leidenschaftlicher Musiker seit 1996 und besitzt eine Auswahl an weit aus mehr als 1000 Platten. In seinen Produktionen lässt er die 909 und die 808 für sich sprechen. Den Fokus gerichtet auf den elektronischen Sound, sorgt er somit für ein perfektes und grooviges Opening.

Las but not least wird Patrick Brosin für das Ende sorgen. Gründer von .defaultbox und leidenschaftlicher Musiker seit mehr als 15 Jahren. 2014 gab es die ersten Releases auf Vinyl. Nach einer etwas längeren Pause hat sich Patrick wieder an den Decks, sowie als Produzent wiedergefunden und spielt mittlerweile einen etwas ruhigeren Sound, ohne jedoch die 909 aus den Augen zu verlieren. Sein Sound ist tanzbar, melodisch und verlässt dennoch nicht die 125-132 bmp.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Krenzlin – “.defaultbox Podcast 012”

88uw -“Dark Science Electro presents: …”

aem.aze – “.defaultbox Podcast 006”

Patrick Brosin – “.defaultbox Podcast 010”




[Special]: Competition for etc. #07

February 20, 2017

NovaFuture Blog and the promoters at Griessmuehle are happy to give you the chance to win free tickets for the sixth instalment of the Sunday party series etc. on the 26th February 2017.

So we give away 2x 1 guestlist for this event (details see “Related Event”), sponsored by Griessmuehle.

You just have to send us an email with the subject “Griessmuehle etc 7” plus your details (first and last name, age) to verloser -at- novafuture -dot- biz (deadline: 24th February at 11pm) … The winner will be selected by random (for sure she/he has to send in all details).

Note: the data of the winners (like name, address, email, age etc) will be sent over to Griessmuehle, so they can put them on the guestlist etc. The winner will only get the permission to enter the party – no hotel, no travel costs etc. In special cases the doormen can deny the access. Participants must be 18+


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“etc 7”